Lacey Riley is a long-term (17 years) resident of Flower Mound, TX and is founder and managing director of 3 professional services firms with locations in Flower Mound and Austin, TX. She lives with her soulmate Charles Riley who she met and married 37 years ago in her hometown of Austin, TX.

She has a Bachelor of Science Business Administration degree, an MBA, is a CPA and holds the Personal Financial Specialist designation from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Lacey is a lifelong Republican and has been involved in the Texas conservative grassroots movement since 2014. She was an area leader in Dr. Ben Carson’s presidential campaign and later campaigned for Donald Trump for President in 2016 and 2020. She became a Precinct Chair with the Denton County Republican Party in 2021, was a delegate to the 2022 Texas Republican State Convention, is a Deputy Voter Registrar and Election Judge. She actively campaigns for Texas conservative grassroots Republican candidates, attends multiple conservative events, demonstrations and conducts voter registration events on a regular basis. She is a member of the Texas Election Integrity Group with the Election Integrity Network.

She, like many North Texans, sees the signs that Denton County is turning a bright shade of purple as one of the fastest growing counties in Texas. She also like many others has become disappointed with how several of our elected officials with Rs next to their names don’t adhere to the conservative principles of the Republican Party and represent the interest of lobbyist and PACs over their constituents. After much prayer and consideration, she decided to throw her hat in the ring and run for the volunteer position of Denton County Republican Party Chair to stop the growing trend that has affected many of the large counties in Texas and to keep Denton County red.